ProPak 300i Series


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The Spray Foam Equipment ProPak 300i Series of Spray Foam Rigs are a great rig for the professional insulator looking to start off in the spray foam business. The SFE Rig is also a great addition to an existing Spray Foam Contractor. The E-30i Reactor is a powerful machine capable of spraying up to 30 lbs. per minute of material. Some of the key features of the ProPak 300i are the Integrated Reactor, which uses a coolant loop off of the generator to heat your material;The Diesel Generator, powered by a Perkins engine, delivers a powerful load center with enough power and then some. The compressor provides a dependable air source with enough CFM to run the system and a mixer, allowing you to spray Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation. The Fusion AP spray foam gun by Graco is the choice of the industry and provides a reliable, easily maintainable and rebuildable SPF gun. The E-30i Reactor has industry leading technology unseen before in our industry. The Integrated Reactor design utilizes heat from the engine to heat product, saving on diesel fuel used and helping you earn more profit. Tests show contractors will save between $4000-$7000 per year in operating costs on diesel alone!


Designed for the Residential and Commercial Insulator.

  • Industry Leading Components Graco E-30i Reactor
  • Turn Key Generator Powered Unit
  • Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam
  • Fresh Air and Safety Systems
  • Climate Controlled Mobile Storage


Setup in an 8.5x16 Horton Hauler, the Pro-PAK 300i can easily be towed by a ¾ ton truck. There is plenty of room to carry over three sets of foam and enough space to store ladders and scaffolding. The standard work bench stores all of your safety equipment.

Backed by the powerful Graco E-30i Reactor, this rig allows you up to 30 lbs per minute of material output and up to 310’ of hose length. This rig is setup to spray open and closed cell spray foams and the power of the E-30 makes this a very efficient roofing rig.

Stand Alone Unit Powered by a 21,000 Watt Perkins Diesel Generator and 5HP Champion Air Compressor.

Air System includes Graco T1 Transfer Pumps and Graco Air Dryer Systems.