Build Your Own Boss Spray Foam Trailer?

We can help and supply you with all items need to build your own trailer.

  • 1- “ BOSS” Spray Foam Machine
  • 1- Spray Foam Gun
  • 1- Spray Foam Repair Kit
  • Heated Hose ----- any length you want
  • 1- Whip End Hose
  • 2- Transfer / Stick Pumps “ A & B”
  • 1- All the hoses for Transfer Pumps
  • 1- 18hp (35CFM) Compressor
  • 1- 18Kw Air Cooled gas Generator
  • 1- Eye Wash Station
  • 1- 3M Mask
  • 1- Polypropylene Spray Suits
  • 1- Air Dryers
  • 1- Allegro Air System
  • 1- Allegro Air System Mask tear offs
  • 1- Band Heaters
  • 1- Gun Cleaner
  • 2- Foam Products
  • 3- Drum Holders A and B
  • 4- Hose Racks – 200’ of Hose
  • * Parts for all equipment listed above -Tools



BOSS Spray Machine - Easiest Machine to Operate


SFE-5/12K “BOSS” (Best Foam Machine)
SFE 6/12K “BOSS” (Best Foam + Polyurea)

(Free Equipment School on all of our Equipment Purchased)

(SFE 5/12K Air Motor Machine)

(SFE 6/12K Air Motor Machine)


Both 5/12 or 6/12 machine is Air Driven, meaning that the drive system is a 5" or 6” air motor. "It features a 1:1 ratio proportioner so it pumps equal pressure and volume to the 'A' and 'B' sides. "The fluid sections (Pressure Cylinders) are a very simple High volume / High flow design.

The BOSS electrical system is 240v, single phase and the electrical wiring to all internal systems is simple and straight forward. The entire electrical system is of a simple breaker and relay design, which gives the user a machine that is easy to work on if ever needed. "There are no circuit boards or computers to go bad and no sensitive electrical devices to malfunction.

The optimal amount of air for SFE-A-30 is 25 cfm at 100psi and 20 cfm at 100psi is required to operate. This can easily be acquired with a gas air compressor with 18 hp. Our SFE 5/12 unit are built for spraying up to 2000 psi.

Spray Foam Contractors are amazed that the BOSS Machine is a very simplistic to operate and making it the Spray Foam Equipment of choice. The fact that we have an inventory of machines on our plant floor that can be shipped within day or two - adds to our Customer Satisfaction…

Boss Machines Sprays Open, Closed
Cell Foam, Roofing Foam + Polyurea


High Pressure 6/12 – 3500PSI ” Air Machine (Foam or Polyurea)

"The Extremely High Efficiency Pre-heaters are (2) 6,000 watts" per side for a total of 12,000 watts. "If higher pressure is required, the 6" air motor can be used on this same machine. The 6" air motor will make the machine require 35 cfm of air to run. (Needs larger compressor) (Pictures shown above) Sprays Open or Closed Cell Foam + Polyurea.

"All parts for the SFE 5/12 & SFE 6/12are in stock at Spray Foam Equipment Plants and each unit comes with a 1 year warranty against defective materials or workmanship. It is very simple, built tough and built in the U.S.A. It saves on the original outlay and on expensive service of unnecessary computer components just to make a series of lights flash in sequence. Quite simply, it's about saving money better spent staying afloat in this uncertain economy.

We offer Equipment Packages or Full Trailer Packages

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Large Portable Unit SFE 5-12 - open sided

SFE 5-12 Machine

SFE 5-12 Machine